On the Lenno headland there is the breathtaking Villa of the Balbianello, built in 1700 on the orders of Cardinal Durini, incorporating an ancient monastery. Today it is property of the FAI (Italian National Trust) This is one of the most stunning corners of the lake. The wonderful panoramic lodge overlooks Bellagio and the Comacina island. On the highest floor of the property there is a unique museum exhibiting the art collections and travel memoires of the former owner, explorer Guido Monzino, who was passionate about expeditions and a man of great knowledge. In his will the villa was left to the Fondo per l’ Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environmental Foundation) as a testamentary legacy.
The garden is characterized by terraces and balustrades and accurately follows the shape of the rugged ground, formed by steep rocks in some points it is more and milder, more gentle slopes in others. On Thursdays and Fridays it is necessary to use the boat service, from the lake front at Lenno.
Località Balbianello – Phone No. +39 0344 56110 – <a href="http://www atorvastatin 40 mg.fondoambiente.it/”>www.fondoambiente.it