The villa, the stairway and the landscaped garden were built for the Clerici family towards the end of 1600. Later it became property of Count Sommariva, who partially modifi ed the style of it under neoclassical infl uence, and after that it passed to Princess Marianna of the Netherlands, who gave it to her daughter Carlotta as a wedding present. Inside there is a significant museum that collects statues, paintings and original neoclassical furniture, amongst valuable sculptures by Antonio Canova and canvases by Francesco Hayez. On the second floor there are eighteenth century decorations and rooms with period furnishings. In the garden it is possible to admire trees and plants coming from every part of the globe: citrus arbours, mighty camelia hedges, austral arbored fern, palms, tropical plants, rare centennial conifers and bamboo collections. In springtime (April-May) it is possible to see an incredible azalea flowering of which there are circa 150 varieties at the villa atorvastatin generic. From the gardens and the terraces of the villa the view looks out to the centre of the lake, Bellagio, the Grigne and the Legnone.
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