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The Museum is, right from its origin, a fundamental place for the understanding of scientific phenomena and for their technological and practical employment. Technology and Science are gaining ground in our everyday life, often without a mediation, posing ethical questions for which we find it difficult to make aware choices.
Though in an economical context that cannot be compared to the ones of other European situations where museums and science centers receive more substantial funds, our Museum is making great efforts to meet the needs of society.
Next to research and conservation, education is one of the main functions of a museum and one of the fundamental purposes of the current National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci Foundation.

Our proposals are based on the ‘informal education’ approach . Experiences in the interactive laboratories (i.lab) and in the collections aim at discovery and exploration. Our goal is to help visitors use their own knowledge and skills to interpret objects and phenomena, and to be the protagonist of the own learning process.
A path of discovery, experience, emotions and understanding accessible for all.

We wish you a nice browsing of our website, but we are also looking forward to welcoming you here at the Museum.

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