essen in Italien - Domaso Comer See

Ingredients for 4 persons: 5 perches – 100 gr. butter – 1 celery – 1 onion – sage – 1 glass of white wine – 400 gr rice – 100 gr white flour – 1 lemon – little chopped parsley – salt
Execution: fillet the perches and keep the fishbones and the heads. Prepare a broth with the vegetables, the fishbones, the heads, white wine and salt. Purify the stock because you will use it to boil the rice. In a pot poor the rice and about double as much of the fish stock. Cook it for about 20 minutes, mix only once when it boilsand reduce the flame after having covered the pot. In the meantime fry the perch fillets, previously floured, with butter and sage. Season the rice when it’s ready with the fried butter and serve putting some rice with the fillets on top of every plate. Squeeze some lemon on every dish and add some chopped parsley.