Thing To do Lake Como Mountain Bike

The old tracks which cross the mountains on the west side of the lake and were used – and some are still – by the local people to reach the Alpine pastures called ‘Monti’ (Munt in the local dialect) have been transformed into a series of paths following a marvelous itinerary called ‘LA VIA DEI MONTI LARIANI’ (Lario being the ancient name of Lake Como). It is a beautiful hiking trail of 125 km. stretching out at an average height of 1000 m, most “monti” being situated between 600 and 1200 m.
The “Via dei Monti Lariani” is divided into 4 sections. The first one leads from Cernobbio to the Val d’Intelvi and is 28 km long, the second section leads from the Val d’Intelvi to the Val Menaggio (26 km), the third leads from theVal Menaggio to the Valle Albano (24 km) and the fourth from the Val Albano to Sorico (46 km). The trail is well-marked with red-white-red signs in aluminium on tree trunks or walls, or painted on rocks numbered from 1 to 4 according to each section.
It’s impossible to walk the whole ‘Via’ in 4 days, because the sections are too long and one has also to deal with the differences in altitude; 6 days would be the minimum amount of time needed. The times indicated in the description are for experienced hikers. This brochure, which you can down load below, also provides a list of the lodging possibilities on the ‘Via’: refuges, small hotels or “locandas” in the villages the trail passes through. One can also just follow small sections of the trail, the roads, mule tracks and hamlets you meet on your way, give you numerous possibilities to return down to the lake.