emozione del volo e vacanza al camping Domaso

Fly Emotion is a new attraction, fit for everyone, kids and adults: no effort is required, you need just to enjoy the flight and Valtellina landscape!

Thanks to a special harness, you will be fixed to a cart that runs through an iron rope and proceed thorugh an untouched mountain valley, giving you emotions and great landscapes. At the arrival a special breaking system will slow you down in a natural and automatic way.

Each ticket allows you to fly on two flight trails: you “take off” from Albaredo per San Marco and you “land” in Bema to come back flying from Bema to Albaredo, two unique centers in the middle of Orobie National Park.

Do you prefer to fly with your family or your friends? Fly Emotion offers the unique dual flight, that allows you to fly through the valley within another person: everyone can share the exiting flyong experience, making it more special.