Fully booked weekend at Camping North Wind in Domaso

“Thank you!”

This is the word with which we feel compelled to start the new article of our blog.

Thanks to all the people who have chosen the North Wind campsite in Domaso to spend the long weekend of the bridge on June 2nd, the first real “test bed” of the 2020 summer season.

Thanks to all our guests for believing in us.

Thanks to all the Italians who have decided to give us confidence in this difficult period.

Thanks to all foreign guests and friends who continue to call us for precise information on when they can finally return to visit us.
Thanks for all the comments received from our guests in this first, real great holiday weekend of the season.

As we wrote in the previous article, on May 22nd we finally had the opportunity to open the campsite to welcome our guests and finally kick off the new summer season on Lake Como.

The bridge of June 2, the trial of fire

The bridge of June 2 was for us the “trial of fire”. It was the moment of truth, the long-awaited moment with joy in the heart, the moment in which we saw the immense efforts made in this difficult period due to the coronavirus emergency paid off.

Beyond the purely economic aspect that every business must necessarily evaluate in order to survive and move forward in these critical moments, there are other things that have made us immensely pleased, essentially 3:

1. New people discovering Alto Lario

About half of the people who chose a campsite on Lake Como for the long weekend arrived for the first time ever in Alto Lario, discovering what for them had been until then an unknown area of Lake Como.

In fact, many people have decided to discover the Alto Lario thanks to the various excursions possible in these areas, using Domaso as a base for pleasant daily walks.

The paths that run along the Pian di Spagna Nature Reserve, the ascent to Lake Darengo and the conquest of the summit of the Sasso Canale have been able to give unique emotions and breathtaking views to the “new entries” of Alto Lario.

2. Positive and enthusiastic comments

This is perhaps the aspect that made us most happy of all: we asked our guests how they had found themselves during the weekend in the structure and everyone was more than satisfied with the services offered, with the precautions we took in full compliance with the regulations in force Covid-19 regulations and, very important detail, we found a lot of positivity and desire to do in people.

3.The results of hard work online

Satisfaction reached its peak, feeling that several guests came to us having met us a few days before on the Web and on Social networks, a sign that all the efforts that we continued to implement in this black period with our whole team were not in vain and indeed, have borne fruit.

In difficult times, the temptation to give up and stop and wait can be strong, but we have decided to be the strongest ones, for the good of our family from Domaso who has been managing Camping North Wind for years and cares about their guests.

Guests who often become good friends with whom to share new experiences for years to come.

Now we just have to continue working hard to ensure as always a friendly and safe environment for all guests to spend their holidays.

Hugging our foreign guests and friends

What is still missing to be able to truly say that you are “up to speed” and finally put the famous “icing on the cake”, is being able to welcome foreign friends who choose to be pampered by our family every year during their holidays in Alto Lago di Como.

German, Swiss, French, Dutch and European friends, hold on, the day when your trip to Italy can be realized again is approaching!

See you soon and happy summer!