North Wind campsite opening in Domaso

Finally here we are! Friday 22 May 2020 the North Wind campsite in Domaso on Lake Como reopens its doors!

After the forced postponement to the reopening of campsites and accommodation facilities on the Lario for the 2020 summer season, as in most of Italy, the long awaited day for everyone has arrived.

At the end of a long period of uncertainty, postponements and high expectations, we can officially start the new summer season.

For a long time both we campers and our guests were wondering when the campsites of Lake Como would reopen. Well yes, after a long wait, a great desire to do and the need to get involved again like every year, the much desired date has arrived.

We can only be happy with it and we are sure that the guests who choose us every year as their ideal destination for their stay on the most beautiful lake in the world will be too.

Moments of despair but of great struggle

We have all faced a period of enormous sacrifices, but we are sure that the extra efforts made so far will not be in vain. Camping holidays in Domaso can finally begin!

After the well-deserved rest following the 2019 summer season, we spent the winter working on the usual ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of our structure, to find ourselves facing the first months of the year with a sword overhead.

Nobody understood anything anymore: the campers didn’t know if and when they could reopen and the tourists didn’t know if and when they could spend their holidays in the places they loved.

Camping preparation

In cases like these, the temptation to give up, to sit and wait for someone to do something is frequent but, apart from a first moment of natural discomfort in the face of a situation that none of us had ever faced, we decided to react and take advantage of the time.

“Forced” that was given to us to work inside our structure and to carry out those extraordinary maintenance works that are difficult to do during the year.

Our Domaso campsite is more polished than ever, the paths are in perfect shape and ready to welcome our beloved guests.

Guests who every day asked us for reopening predictions to be able to arrive with their tents, caravans or campers to spend their holidays in the name of nature, sport and good Italian cuisine, surrounded by the warmth and welcome of our typical “lariana” family.

We have shared with you on this site and on our social channels thoughts, ideas and useful ideas for those who are preparing to spend their holidays on Lake Como.

Excursions and holiday apartments in Domaso

For hiking lovers we have collected in a post the best 4 excursions to be carried out around Domaso while for the little ones we have arranged our children’s playground down to the smallest detail, to guarantee them too a holiday full of fun and safety.

We have reviewed the names of our apartments and holiday homes to involve people more and more in the magical atmosphere of Alto Lario. Apartments such as the “Legnone”, the “Berlinghera” and the “Brera” will immerse the guest even more with the landscape that surrounds him.

An emotional lake view or mountain view guaranteed!

Opening of borders to and from Italy

The last piece of the puzzle concerns the possibility for our Swiss, German, French, Dutch and European friends to reach us.
But apparently very little is missing from the reopening of the borders for the free movement of tourism. Hold on, we are waiting for you with open arms.

What about you? Are you ready to spend your holidays in the paradisiacal Alto Lario, the northern area of Lake Como?

With the certainty that the worries of all of us and all the efforts necessary to “hold on” have not been in vain, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a hot summer!

See you soon.