September weekend in Domaso

“Summer is ending, and a year goes by”. Thus began the famous 1985 song “L’estate sta finendo” by Righeira, so dear to the Italians who grew up in that period.

For many nostalgic of the 80s it is the perfect soundtrack for the period that is slowly approaching: the end of summer.

But approaching the end of summer is not necessarily synonymous with the end of holidays. There are those who start their holidays right now and there are those who do not give up and decide to make the most of the last weekends of good weather with trips out of town.

September with almost perfect weather

The weather, in this September 2020, never ceases to amaze us. Sun, sun and more sun.

The lower temperatures compared to August are excellent, and we can say without a doubt that we are still in the middle of the summer season.

The days are slowly getting shorter, but they are not too short yet to prevent trekking lovers from enjoying a relaxing excursion on the surrounding mountains of Domaso.

Camping open until end October

Here at the family-run North Wind campsite, we are still working at full capacity, to offer all our guests the opportunity to enjoy some warm moments of relaxation, before the autumn / winter break that is inexorably approaching.

Marco, Daniele, and all the cheerful brigade of the campsite will be operational until end-October to welcome and pamper anyone who still wants a holiday!

Domaso the September version

The town of Domaso is still alive. Those who live in the area know this well: during the winter, the town is a bit “dull”, as is typically the case in most of the lakeside villages.

Thanks to the shorter days, the sometimes rigid temperatures and the scarce presence of tourists who animate the lakefront, the town allows itself a moment of respite.

Perhaps the period of September-October in Domaso, from this point of view, is the best for those who prefer peace and tranquility, to the typical and lively summer days.

A spectacular time for water sports

Thanks to the pleasant temperatures of this period, the lake water is still not too cold and the Breva – typical thermal wind of the Lario – continues to make its presence felt, especially in the afternoon.

A perfect combination that allows all lovers of sailing sports such as Windsurfing and Kitesurfing to make their own evolutions.

Discounted rates for apartments and pitches

The icing on the cake of this wonderful September comes with the discounted rates that we are able to offer to all our guests.

Discounts of up to 30% on pitches and apartments. Why not take advantage of it?

Discover Domaso in all its September splendor, we are waiting for you!

See you soon.