Holiday apartment in Domaso

Do you want to visit Upper Lake Como and are you looking for a “holiday apartment in Domaso”? At North Wind Camping and Apartments we do our best to offer a wide range of choice to our guests.

This year, in addition to the normal maintenance of our holiday homes and the strict protocols implemented on the subject of post-emergency hygiene covid-19, we have dedicated resources and energies to rename our premises, as a sign of the recognition we have for our land, for the lake we live on and the majestic mountains that surround it.

So here is the behind the scenes of how we chose the new names for our apartments.

North Wind apartment

The first apartment we involved in our work could only be called North Wind. North wind, in honor of the family-run campsite that we have been managing with dedication for many years.

North Wind, in honor of the “great North Wind Domaso family” which includes all the guests who trust us year after year, and in honor of one of the protagonists of Lake Como, the north wind.

Wind loved and feared at the same time by Windsurf and Kitesurf lovers; a wind not always present on the lake, difficult to tame when occurs both for the strength with which it blows and for the sudden gusts that characterize it.

Domaso is one of the few towns in Alto Lario where the north wind expresses all its magnificent power.

North Wind Domaso holiday apartment

Holiday apartement Legnone

For the second apartment involved in the “new baptism” it was not difficult to choose the name: Legnone.

Like Monte Legnone of the same name, the good giant that rises right in front of Domaso and dominates the Upper Lake Como with its 2,609 meters high. An imposing mountain that attracts thousands of hikers and climbers every year who try to reach its summit.

A mountain whose top offers a breathtaking view of Alto Lario and Domaso, characterized by a fairly cool climate in summer but very harsh in winter.

We see Monte Legnone every day when we look out onto the beach in front of the campsite, we certainly could not ignore it.

Legnone holiday apartment in Domaso

Grignone apartment, for a wonderful holiday

The northern Grigna, better known as Grignone, with its 2,410 meters high is the highest mountain in the Grigne Group, but the particularity for which we have chosen to baptize one of our apartments with its name is another, perhaps less known but so fascinating.

La Grigna is in fact famous among speleologists for its “abysses“, which reach -1,313 meters below the ground and take it to the podium of the deepest abysses in Italy.

How could we ignore such a record and let the opportunity pass? From this consideration was born the first name “Grignone” that we wanted to give to one of our apartments in Domaso.

Mount Berlinghera apartment

Another mountain of Lake Como was the protagonist in choosing the new names for the holiday apartments available to our guests: Monte Berlinghera.

This mountain, with a modest height of 1,930 meters, is also accessible to less experienced hikers who want to spend a day outdoors near Domaso.

Access to the path leading to the summit is in fact located in Bugiallo di San Bartolomeo, a few tens of minutes by car from the campsite exit.

The thrilling 360-degree view of Valchiavenna, Lake Novate Mezzola and of course Alto Lario meant that Monte was included in our list of candidates.

Discover the Berlinghera holiday apartment

Breva di Domaso apartment

Last name, certainly not in importance, has fallen to the Queen of the Lake: the Breva, a typical thermal wind that distinguishes Lake Como and gives strong emotions to lovers of sailing sports.

A pleasant wind with which to surf given its constancy and never annoying for those who want to relax on the beach in front of the campsite, indeed, a pleasant holiday companion to cool the air during the hot summer days.

You can see the interior of the apartment here: Breva, Domaso apartment for rent for holidays

We always like to share with our guests and friends the reasons behind many choices we make, to make their stay more unique.
Small details often make the difference!

We are waiting for you on the shores of Lake Como, for a nice excursion to the Lake Como Mountains or to see you darting with your windsurf or circling in the air with your kite.

See you soon.