What to do in Domaso during your camping holiday?

Many guests who spend their holidays in our camping in Domaso on Lake Como often ask us for advice on what to do in the surrounding area, what to see, what sports can be practiced and so on.

Living with our family in Domaso and getting to know the surrounding area, we are always happy to advise our guests in the best possible way according to their needs.

We have therefore decided to enclose in this article the main questions we are asked, and to share the related answers.

To Visit Como and Lecco

For many people and families, camping holidays in Domaso are the right occasion during which to visit one or more famous cities not too far from our structure.

Como and Lecco are obviously the most popular, being both reachable in about 1 hour by car.

Alessandro Volta’s story echoes through the alleys of the city of Como, between a walk inside the medieval walls and an exciting climb to Brunate with the famous funicular.

In Lecco, where Alessandro Manzoni set part of “I Promessi Sposi”, you can breathe that magical atmosphere steeped in history, literature and culture, walking through the streets of the center or along the colorful village of Pescarenico.

So why not take advantage of the proximity to Domaso to go and visit these two wonderful lakeside cities?

Water sports, windsurfing and kitesurfing

The North Wind campsite directly overlooks the splendid Domaso beach, where there are several water sports schools such as Windsurf, Kitesurf and sailing boats.

The possibility to rent the equipment offered by the schools allows guests to travel light, without necessarily having to load everything necessary for windsurfing or kitesurfing on board their car.

The courses for adults and children offered by the various structures also allow beginners to learn the most popular water sports on Lake Como. Windsurf boards or kitesurf sail are just waiting for you and your family!

Not for nothing, Domaso has been nicknamed “Wind Paradise“.

Relax on Domaso beach

For lovers of relaxation, the wide and quiet beach in front of the campsite allows everyone to enjoy the well-deserved relaxation, after a day spent exploring the length and breadth of the Upper Lario, sailing on its waters transported from the Breva or taste typical local products during a food and wine tour.

Walk to Domaso-Dongo lake

Thanks to the new lake promenade which can be accessed directly from the campsite, it is possible to reach the nearby town of Dongo, passing through the pretty village of Gravedona.

An ideal walk to spend in the company of your friends or with your family, also suitable for children. Walking on the lakefront at dusk, with an ice cream in one hand and the hand of your child in the other is an experience that we often give ourselves as soon as we can.

Walk on the promenade and stop in one of the places on the beach for an aperitif with friends, kick off a pleasant summer evening in the company in the open air, stop to admire the sunset with your girlfriend: the walk along the Lake of Como offers only spoiled for choice.

Excursions in Alto Lario

Domaso is located on the western shore of Alto Lario, the northernmost part of Lake Como, and is a destination for hiking enthusiasts every year, due to the countless paths and peaks in the area.

Many of the possible excursions in the area are also suitable for those who are not particularly trained or move with children: the mule track that leads from Domaso to the village of Livo, the nearby Pian di Spagna Nature Reserve or the characteristic Sentiero del Tracciolino in nearby Valchiavenna are only some of the trekking that can be done in the surroundings of Domaso.

Find some ideas for other trekking around Domaso here: the best hiking near Domaso

Typical food and Italian hospitality

Lake Como is famous for its hospitality and excellent local cuisine. Missoltini, risotto al pesce persico, sciatt and pizzoccheri are the masters in the many restaurants in the area.

Given the vastness of the territory, there are also many agritourisms that have large green spaces where young and old will have the opportunity to have fun during a day spent in the company.

If you are on vacation with your family, you will be pleased to know that we have designed our Domaso campsite to welcome young and old. Find more information here: family campsite in Domaso

We love our lake and the good cuisine of these places, we will be able to show you the best restaurants or farmhouses in the surrounding area, to make your holiday as special as possible!

If until recently you didn’t know what to do in Domaso and surroundings, now you have no more excuses for not visiting us.

See you soon!