What to evaluate when choosing a Camping on Lake Como

Aah, Lake Como, unique and envied beauty all over the world, where nature, art and history come together to create a spectacular scenario.
Lake, mountain and often “wild” nature, create in tourists an ever increasing desire to explore their wonders.

And what’s better then to explore the lake if not a stay in a campsite, in contact with nature but without having to give up your comforts, close enough to the shore to minimize travel but at the same time away from the typical chaos of the big cities overlooking the lake?

Of course, choosing a Camping on Lake Como is not always easy, given the vastness of the area and the compliance of the lake itself.
Here are the top 3 of the 10 tips to consider when choosing the ideal campsite for a fairytale holiday on Lake Como:

1. The choice of an eco-friendly camping



An aspect that is increasingly important to evaluate, if you also care about the health of our planet, is to understand if the campsite in question, in addition to boasting the fact of being eco-friendly (or eco-sustainable), really implements measures to decrease as much as possible the impact that your stay has on the surrounding environment.

At Camping North Wind in Domaso we do not make ourselves “grown up”, filling our mouths with difficult technical words related to the world of sustainable tourism and the world of eco-friendly.

No, we prefer to put into practice all those small actions that put together allow us to give our small and humble contribution to that great cause called “environmental sustainability”.

If you want to discover the little, important, and above all concrete measures that we adopt in our structure, you can find more information in the article that we have prepared for you in this regard: an eco-friendly campsite on Lake Como

2. Holiday home or pitch for tent / camper?

A camping holiday, as we said above, is certainly the best way to enjoy all that the nature of Lake Como has to offer. However, not everyone loves to spend their holidays in tents or campers, with all that this entails.

For this reason, according to your needs, it is important to evaluate the availability of the campsite to offer other types of accommodation, such as holiday homes or apartments, as an alternative to the classic pitches where you can settle with your mobile structure.

The possibility inside the campsite to choose, in addition to the typical pitch for the tent, apartments equipped with all the comforts of home or a villa for exclusive use, complete with a garden where you can enjoy the lake sunsets surrounded by the mountains of the lake Como, are options that are worth considering in view of the booking.

At Camping North Wind in Domaso, we offer our guests the opportunity to choose how and where to stay, based on the preferences of each individual traveler: pitches for tents, larger pitches suitable for campers and caravans, comfortable holiday apartments with direct access to the lake and a Villa with private garden are all part of our offer.

Direct access to the lake

The location of the campsite is certainly another important aspect to evaluate when choosing.
Is it better to have a camping by the lake or a more distant structure, only overlooking the main road that runs alongside the lake (which for Via Alto Levante is Via Regina Levante, SS340dir)?
Direct access to the beaches on the lake is certainly an advantage from several points of view:

• Lovers of water sports that can be practiced on the lake as sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing. Being able to access the water mirror with your equipment, without having to load all the necessary material in the car and having to drive to your favorite “spot” is certainly a benefit that should not be underestimated.
• Knowing to sleep a few meters from the long and peaceful pedestrian promenade, which runs alongside Domaso beach, is a good incentive for a healthy morning walk immediately after breakfast or for a romantic barefoot walk at sunset, before returning to the own accommodation.
• For those traveling with children, direct access to the beach is certainly a small but important factor: no dangerous busy roads to cross and, if you forget something necessary for your little one, the beach-camping distance is minimal.
With these first three tips we hope to have given you some useful ideas to help you choose a campsite for your next holiday on Lake Como.
See you soon!