Campsite suitable for smart-working in Domaso

What we are pleased to tell you today is a story, a true business story, which in some way has to do with our Domaso campsite.

The story of Thomas, a 34-year-old German entrepreneur who let himself be inspired by the quiet and nature of Domaso, to give life to his new business project.

Lover of camping holidays and the world of Van VolksWagen has given away to, an online shop where it sells original spare parts for this type of vehicle.

Camping North Wind: holidays and work

Who said that camping on Lake Como only goes to relax, to practice water sports and trekking?

One of our historical guests, as well as a longtime friend, created, developed and launched his new online business right from his van inside the North Wind Camping in Domaso!

It was 2010 when Thomas decided to spend his “holidays” in Italy on Lake Como, choosing Camping North Wind as the ideal destination for what he had in mind: focus on his ideas and spend time on the most renowned lake in Italy.

A regular guest of our campsite for some time, in recent years Thomas has adopted his lake view pitch, considering it as a real open-air extension of his office in Germany.

Already owner with 2 other partners of an started ecommerce for the distribution of BMW spare parts, eager to combine his passion for campers and campsites by exploiting his previous skills as an online entrepreneur, 3 weeks ago he managed to put his new one online activities.

German soul, Larian spirit

Apart from congratulating him on his new initiative, what made us very happy is the fact that his new “creature” came to life during the several years spent in our family-run campsite.

His is not a story similar to those with which the web is full in the “get rich and immediately with the web” style, but a real story, made of many sacrifices and compromises, of years spent studying how to monetize your idea and their passions.

Hours and hours spent on the computer admiring Lake Como, with the big difference that the typical and monotonous coffee breaks in front of a drinks vending machine, have turned into splendid boat trips plowing through the clear waters of Alto Lario, or in magnificent water skiing sessions, surrounded by the lush mountains of the Lario.

And perhaps this for the young entrepreneur has made all the difference in the world.

The campsite, an environment suitable for smart-working

Being able to work occasionally in a welcoming open-air environment immersed in nature, where you can focus your ideas and give life to your dreams and projects, was one of the main springs that gave Thomas the push to achieve what in which he believes.

Camping North Wind Domaso is therefore not only a pleasant place to spend your holidays on Lake Como, but also a welcoming environment where you can work to disconnect from the usual daily routine made up of just the office.

And for you? What is the ideal accommodation for a business holiday on the enchanting shores of Alto Lario?

At Camping North Wind we have pitches with large sizes and wi-fi coverage suitable for your mobile office, several apartments that can be used as an office and, for the most demanding, an entire villa for exclusive use, Villa Emilio.

Whether you are on vacation on Lake Como or you are looking for a place to spend your working holidays, remember, “Camping North Wind is the answer”.

The 2020 summer season is in full splendor and here at North Wind we are doing our best to satisfy the needs of our guests.

Let’s Smart Working!!

See you soon!