Holidays in Domaso, Lombardy, on Lake Como

As we continue to prepare our Camping North Wind in Domaso, on the shores of Lake Como, we often reflect on the current situation in our country and all that is happening to us Italians and to all foreign friends who choose to visit the our country.

Whether we as campers or our regular Italian, German, Swiss, Dutch or French guests, we are asking ourselves in the last few weeks: “When will the campsites on Lake Como reopen“?

A period of sacrifices and a different summer

This year due to the health emergency caused by covid-19, we have been called to make sacrifices, great sacrifices. Heavy limitations that in the times to come will undoubtedly leave a mark on all of us.

Regardless of all the implications of this emergency, with the approach of summer, there is always in many of us that little voice that buzzes in the head and makes us think of one thing: “holidays”.

The holidays, an opportunity for many to take their heads off, take a break from everyday life and relax by doing what you love most. And why not, visit new places too.

And never as now, even if the current crisis grips us and occupies our thoughts, a holiday, even if a small one, is necessary to empty your mind of all the negativity of this period.

Holidays in Italy on Lake Como

Lombardy, specially Lake Como, have always offered everyone the opportunity to take a few days of well-deserved relaxation, perhaps just a few hours away from their home, without necessarily having to spend high amounts of money to fly on the other part of the world.

Never more than now, this year the holidays will be organized differently than usual. Lake Como, famous all over the world is a wonderful place to visit, why not take advantage of it then?

How will the Italians spend their holidays?

Apparently this year will be the year of Italy for Italians, in terms of holidays.

Also (but not only) in view of the Holiday Bonus that the Government is preparing to launch, this year we will have the push more than ever to visit places close to home, places that we have always had under our noses but that we have never taken into account.

Lake Como offers visiting tourists several opportunities: from trekking to windsurfing, from kitesurfing to cultural walks, from Italian hospitality to culinary excellence.

What are you waiting for to visit one of the most popular Italian lakes in the world, probably a stone’s throw from your home?

Foreign tourists on Lake Como

We are well aware that our regular guests from European countries such as Germany, nearby Switzerland, France and Holland are thrilled to be able to return to visit Domaso and the wonderful lake on which it stands!

Fear not, apparently little is missing: in fact, the guidelines for the reopening of borders are slowly being drawn up and we will be able to meet again as soon as possible.

As always, we will keep you informed on the initiatives that Camping North Wind in Domaso has prepared to welcome its guests on the wonderful Lake Como.

Thanks to our weekly articles we will continue to keep you up with us to discover the beauties that characterize our places.

With the hope of being able to return to savor the full freedom to move that we used to have soon, we are waiting for you with open arms!

See you soon.