Camping eco-friendly in Domaso

What is an eco-friendly or eco-friendly campsite really?

Nowadays wherever you turn, you see advertising slogans that boast words like “eco-sustainable” and “eco-friendly”.

Words that are often used without a proper sense, just because they are trendy and everyone talks about them.

But not always behind these important words are companies, hotels and structures that actually apply what they “preach” in their slogans.
It is for this reason why, at Camping North Wind in Domaso, we have never abused these terms in our marketing, in our brochures and in general in all our corporate communication.

We do not believe it to be a right thing to do and we do not believe it is ethical to abuse these words. Never as nowadays are terms to be respected and used with due care and awareness.

Eco-friendly campings, eco-friendly hotels and sustainable holidays are often the most used and abused slogans in the tourism, hospitality and travel sector.

How to choose an eco-friendly campsite?

Are you looking for a truly eco-friendly campsite? Well, make sure that this really is, in the small details and in the small daily gestures of the family that manages it. Don’t be fooled by simple appearances.

At Camping North Wind in Domaso we decided to take this path: slowly making our campsite on the shores of Lake Como more and more eco-friendly, starting with the little things.

How many times do you happen to see campsites (on Lake Como and elsewhere) where common areas and access routes to the beach are invaded by cards thrown on the ground and cigarette butts scattered here and there?

We have chosen to personally take care of the cleanliness of the common areas and, again speaking of small but significant gestures, our walk that connects the campsite to the nearby beach overlooking the lake is entirely equipped with exclusive ashtrays dedicated to smoking guests.

Separate collection of garbage inside the campsite

Isola ecologica in campeggio

Separate collection of garbage and waste disposal are often “burning” issues and even more often still ignored.

To implement these “simple” practices, in full compliance with the basic rules of an eco-friendly campsite, we have chosen to facilitate our guests, with an island inside the campsite dedicated to the separate collection of waste.

Our guest must therefore not leave the campsite and take a different route to bring their own recyclable and non-recyclable waste to the nearby municipal area used for its disposal.

We built our small private “ecological island”, located in the immediate vicinity of the bathrooms, far enough from the accommodation, discreet, functional and respectful of all: guests and the environment.

Photovoltaic panels to help the environment

The chapter of electricity in the context of an eco-friendly campsite is certainly another aspect not to be underestimated. Even on this issue we often hear big words, technical terms used at random and that have little to do with the real structure that sponsors them.

At Camping North Wind in Domaso, in our own small way, every year we take a concrete step forward to make our campsite more and more eco-sustainable, respecting the wonderful nature that surrounds Lake Como. We want to guarantee our guests the awareness of minimizing as much as possible the impact that their stay and their holidays have on the environment.

This year we have dedicated ourselves to the enhancement of the already existing photovoltaic system which partially feeds the services offered by the toilets inside our structure.

We use, in a conscious and respectful way, the energy supplied daily by the sun to heat the water that is supplied inside our camping every day.

It takes little to make your guests’ stay pleasant, respecting nature, starting from these small gestures and concrete precautions.
With the conviction of being able to improve more and more, we are waiting for you to allow you to verify with your own eyes what we “preach”.