4 excursions not to be missed in the surroundings of Domaso

Here we are at the last article of the series “How to choose a campsite in Domaso, on Lake Como?”

In the previous articles we advised you to evaluate the eco-sustainability of a campsite, the management by a local family and the presence of an area dedicated to children.

Today let’s see the last aspect not to be underestimated when choosing a campsite in Domaso: the proximity of hiking trails.

The hiking trails near Domaso

For lovers of the mountains and outdoor excursions this is an aspect to be evaluated perhaps before all the other visas so far.

The choice of a camping on Lake Como in a “desolate” location, where even to make a short excursion in the afternoon you have to grind tens of kilometers by car, when, among other things, sometimes you have a few days at your disposal vacation on Lake Como, may not be the right choice.

Domaso, on the other hand, is in a particularly favored position from this point of view. It is in fact one of the ideal destinations to stay in Alto Lario, the latter being an area full of hiking trails suitable for all types of walkers.

Excursions around Domaso

Whether you are an expert hiker with a good level of training, or you want to spend a few hours of relaxation in the middle of nature even if you are not too trained, the surroundings of Domaso offer a wide range of excursions.

We therefore offer you 4 excursions near Domaso suitable for all levels, from the simplest ones that can be covered in a matter of hours to the most demanding ones that will occupy most of the day:

1. The nearby Pian di Spagna nature reserve offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in lake nature. There are several paths suitable for everyone that allow you to visit this large park in front of Monte Legnone.

2. The path immersed in the woods that leads from Domaso to the ancient mountain village of Livo, which can be walked in about 1 hour.

3. For the more adventurous and trained, the climb to the Sasso Canale -2411 meters- reachable in about 3 and a half hours of walking will give unique emotions, with the possibility of admiring the lake in all its splendor, from the top of a wild mountain.

After reaching the town of San Bartolomeo (Gera Lario) at 1200 meters above sea level with your own car, about 1200 meters of altitude difference are waiting for you to go in the middle of nature.

4. Lake Darengo is another pearl of Alto Lario, reachable in about 4 hours of walking starting from the town of Livo, and in 5 hours of walking starting on foot directly from Domaso.

Here things get a little more demanding, not so much for the technical difficulties present on the path (which are practically absent) but for the difference in altitude to be climbed (and then to have to descend again).

We are talking about almost 1200 meters in altitude with departure from Livo and almost 1700 meters if you decide to leave directly from the campsite on foot. Unsuitable for less trained people but certainly an excellent opportunity for more prepared hikers.

We hope to see you soon and to have given you some ideas for when you will spend your outdoor holiday in Domaso.

See you soon!